vintage selection

from by Lily Schaffer


not another record collection, c'mon.


memory erased, you hadn’t slept for days, til you penned the edit
no mention of me, your name on the marquee, all your well earned credit
you look all beaten and bloody, but it’s all part of the show
bet you have your understudy hidden somewhere down below
it’s a trap door to the second floor
of a whole new you
and I could write it all on the bathroom stall
but what good would it do?

cellar door ajar, we wandered all to far
into your record collection
your version is down pat, you point your finger at every vintage selection
who cares who took the first sip, we were drunk by the time we left
save for a surefire hangover cure, there was no kind of sober to get
it’s a quick chug or a gateway drug
to a whole new me
and I could write it all on the bathroom stall
but what point would there be?

sick of running late, you circumnavigate all your past transgressions
blame it on the current, certain that you weren’t off with your directions
we were inebriated, so we peered over the ledge
to a gaping cliff below us, all it takes is a single misstep
it’s a sealed fate
or a leap of faith
to a whole new us
and I could add it all on the bathroom stall
but it wouldn’t amount to much
so glad we didn’t keep in touch.


from dead receiver, released July 30, 2013


all rights reserved



Lily Schaffer Denver, Colorado

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