from Under the Microscope by Lily Schaffer


Fritz, I know you had the best intentions
the road to purgatory, paved in honorable mentions
satellite sleuths at the cheap hotels
remind me of you when I can't sleep so well

in a sea of stars, luminescent subway cars
seeing that the plot of ours
never had a chance
no prescience

I can see you across foreign feilds
took my share of what the crop would yeild
the busted sandbags in the barricade
held my heart like a hand grenade

but in the urban sprawl
I thought I'd settle, maybe once and for all
I guess it was too close a call
to make any sense
no prescience


from Under the Microscope, released June 21, 2013


all rights reserved



Lily Schaffer Washington, D.C.

Lemonade is my only studio album. Dead Receiver is my favorite album. Under the Microscope is a concept album about Nobel Prize winning chemist Fritz Haber. Go Fish is somewhere in between. was my alternate persona years and years ago ... more

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