Everything's different

from go fish by Lily Schaffer



you're moving in social circles
you're spreading by word of mouth
you're doing your best to keep us abreast
because everything's different now

you assure me you're unaffected
it's only the press who seem to doubt
whether you're sure your motives are pure
because everything's different now

could it be the fruits of your labor
are worth their weight in ungodly sums
does it pay to be the flavor
of the month?

you say you've become a recluse
whenever you show, it's unannounced
we're in the throes of an excuse to prove
that everything's different now

it's easy enough to foster
a false sense of self belief
when every day we are brilliantly made
by the company we keep

you say I should call you some time
I'm guessing you'll be out
it's not that I'm opposed to the dial tone
but everything's different now


from go fish, released October 1, 2012


all rights reserved



Lily Schaffer Washington, D.C.

Lemonade is my only studio album. Dead Receiver is my favorite album. Under the Microscope is a concept album about Nobel Prize winning chemist Fritz Haber. Go Fish is somewhere in between. nancymagil.bandcamp.com was my alternate persona years and years ago ... more

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