terrible girl

from by Lily Schaffer


you started with good intentions
you had all of your white lines drawn
like a road trip through your indiscretions
you keep on truckin' on
all the people that you know
can see from miles away
fuckin' up is just as easy
as someone changing lanes

she's a terrible girl

I thought I was treading lightly
or at least staying afloat
but my problem's growing mountainous
I've built myself a moat
all the people that I know
keep their distance now
what I touch just turns to stone
a sculpture in a glass house

they say
oh, what a terrible girl

I can tell by your demeanor
you don't mean any harm
you should tell by my subtle candor
that I'm ringing the alarm
all the people that I've loved
don't come out unscathed
you better run, it's just no fun
or worth the exposé

oh, I'm a terrible girl


from Nancy McG in the UKV, released January 1, 2010


all rights reserved



Lily Schaffer Denver, Colorado

We're in a real pickle here.

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